Wall Clock with 4 Time Zones WR-17

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Wall Clock with 4 Time Zones WR-17

240,00 лв.
Personalized wall clock for reception with a stylish decorative design from orex and silver. Can be designed for 3, 4 or 5 time zones, chosen by the customer. For hotels, offices, banks and tourist places. Size 25cm . Cost for 4 pieces excluding VAT. To order, please see the additional information or contact details below :

За поръчки моля свържете се с нас:

  • телефон: +359 898 258 227
  • емайл mela@abv.bg
  • Skype: melani1494

Foundation made from MDF in different colours - Wenge, Dark Paw Tree, Oak Alman, Metallic Walnut, Italian Walnut, Light Albatros. The elements and clock-face made out of anodized aluminum gold and silver. Additional option for sublimation of your company logo. Protective acrylic glass 

Clock- Mechanism with standard AA battery

Size - 25 cm (diameter) - 55.00 lv

Size - 30 cm (diameter) - 59.90 lv



Поръчка по е-mail: mela@abv.bg с описание за:

1.Номер на продукта; 2.Цветове и размери /където е необходимо/; 3.Данни за фактура; 4.Адрес и телефон за доставка; 5.Файл с лого за персонализация /cdr, eps или ai./; Срок на изработване от 5 до 10 работни дни /след превод по проформа ф-ра/;

Начин на доставка с куриер за цялата страна, посочен от вас. Цената е според тарифата на куриера. 

Order by email: mela@abv.bg and provide the following information:

1. Product Number 2. Colors and sizes /where necessary/ 3. Details for invoice 4. Delivery address and phone number 5. Logo file for personalization /.cdr/.eps or .ai/. Lead time for order completion min 5-10 working days /after payment/
Delivery by courier - up to 20 kg and 40/50cm volume - 60 lv

Contact details :

Phone number: +359 898 258 227
E-Mail: mela@abv.bg
Skype: melani1494